Meet up: SMART TOURISM 5.0

 The 1st virtual meeting on tourism in Croatia was successfully held

with active involvement of almost 1,000 tourism professionals


What will happen to tourism, when will travel start again and under what conditions, what will be the tourist demand and gastronomy, and how to prepare for tourism business during and after the corona crisis? Thoughts, predictions and recommendations of tourism experts, consultants, bloggers and influencers from Croatia and abroad on how to deal with the corona crisis were brought by the first professional virtual meetings on tourism in Croatia: Meet up: SMART TOURISM 5.0.

The conference aroused great interest, and the fact that more than 1,250 applications were collected with more than 900 active users “live” from 15 countries (literally across the world) in just a few days, shows how open the tourism sector is to communication and exchange ideas.


The aim of today’s meet up, the first in a series, was to open discussions, get to know positive examples and recommendations on how to do business in upcoming months, what it means for Croatia, what kind of tourism will be developed and how to deal with the challenges of the “super-smart”society 5.0, in which everything is subordinated to human well-being – from robotics and artificial intelligence to the circular economy and sustainable resource management.


This event is particular because for the first time in Croatia, four organizers of large and important business events in tourism brought together knowledge, expertise and partners to bring together the tourism sector and connect tourism professionals in the discussion. In addition to the conference Croatian Tourism 365? this project also gathered the HTI Conference, the International Tourism Fair PLACE2GO and gourmet festival Taste the Mediterranean.


Fast and high-quality adaptation of business entities to the current situation is extremely important, and it was precisely on this track that this event was realized, thus causing great interest among tourism professionals, but also travel enthusiasts. Such virtual meet ups cannot provide answers to all open questions that are currently opening in front of the tourism industry and economy, but aim to encourage reflection on tourism as a sector in which we operate, proactively communicate and bring fresh ideas,and to create healthy living environment and new business models through cooperation within professionals.


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Ivana Kolar

Director, Julius Rose

Ivana Kolar, organizer of the conference Croatian Tourism 365 ?and initiator of virtual meet up SMART TOURISM 5.0 believes that this situation is the proper time to think and discuss how to do business in the upcoming months, but also in the next period.

First of all, we need to accept changes, understand that some habits, demand and ultimately processes will change permanently, and we need to prepare standards and rules of conduct because the most important prerequisite for the arrival of the guest will be safety. Whoever adapts first to these changes, will have a significant advantage in the market. I believe that Croatia can emerge as a winner, within the given framework, for several reasons – a good epidemiological picture, the healing factors of our tourism, the proximity of our strongest markets and an active tourism sector.In the long run, I believe that tourism can be a very strong stimulator of the development of the entire economy, and that now is the opportunity to start the necessary changes. In addition, it is an opportunity to redefine products, extend the season and prepare infrastructure for year-round business, disperse tourism throughout Croatia, develop sustainability and much more significantly introduce smart technologies, she concluded

Participants in the discussion include: Ivana Budin Arhanić, Vice President in Valamar Riviera, Siniša Topalović, Director and Partner in Horwath HTL, Jan de Jong, Managing Partner inWebpower Adria, and Christopher Hinteregger, Executive Director in PKF tourismexperts from Austria.

Damjana Domanovac

Director, PLACE2GO

“Travel will never be the same again, but the desire to travel will not subside.”, said blogger Ivan Bengeri, travel advisor Vlado Šestan, travel addict Iva Mihalić Krčmar and director of the International Tourism Fair PLACE2GO and co-organizer of this event, Damjana Domanovac.

„They will travel in other ways, the mask will no longer be travel equipment reserved only for Asians, and domestic tourists will explore their own country and the surrounding countries in the coming period. Car travel will replaced air travel for a while, but travel will stay. Our generation will remember how it used to be, but for the new generations, the new rules will become an integral part of life, at least until the discovery of the vaccine., concluded Damjana.

Leila Krešić-Jurić
Director, HTI Conference

As a partner, the HTI Health Tourism Conference brought experts to discuss future developments in health tourism in the world and in Croatia: Dr. Mer Bura, founder of Mulier Holistic Center in Šibenik, Christian F. El-Khouri, managing partner of the oldest German medical facilitation agency and international consultant, and Dr. Sherif Hassan from the USA, infectious disease specialist, expert for digitalization in healthcare and owner of a medical tourism portal.

Despite drastic decline in providing health tourism services, it is to be expected that the quality of these services and health safety will become one of the key elements in choosing a destination and that health tourism will base further development on its stronger connections with health systems, markets, and thus ultimately enable an increase in the quality of health care of the local population. We can also expect increased demand for medical wellness and stronger digitalization of services“, said Leila Krešić-Jurić, Managing Director of the HTI Conference, a European initiative that promotes health tourism.

Ingrid Badurina Danielsson
Director, Taste the Mediterranean festival

Business wise, catering is among the most affected victims of the Corona virus so far. The restaurants had to close first, and even after the recent opening they will have to adhere to very strict measures of social distancing, which is in complete contradiction with the essence of their activity. How will the guest behind the mask recognize the smile of their host? There is also the key issue of decrease in living standards, and going out to a restaurant could become a luxury. Croatian caterers, as well as those from other countries, are trying to find alternative ways of doing business: everyone agrees that sustainable local production and local audiences should be put in the forefront“, said Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, director and founder of the Taste the Mediterranean festival, on panellists’ conclusions.

Participants in the discussion include: Marin Rendić, chef of Bistro Apetit Zagreb, Yvan Estève, co-owner of “Hvar chef” and “Za pod zub”, and Dubravka Tomeković Aralica, project manager of the festival Taste the Mediterranean.



There is no doubt that tourism is entering the era of "super-smart society 5.0" in which everything is human-centred. Although it is most often identified with the application of digitalization and advanced technological solutions, robotics and artificial intelligence, smart tourism is definitely conditioned by the development of circular economy and sustainability, thus creating a healthy environment for human life and human society.

The organizers of SMART TOURISM 5.0:


  • host their partners, renowned international experts and local leaders
  • bring key trends, global and European experiences, ideas and plans of doing business in the future, and
  • discuss how to prepare for new tourism models after the crisis caused by months of isolation and disruption of all travel.


Tuesday, 5.5.2020.

Conference Croatian Tourism 365?

Topics: what will tourism look like in upcoming months, what does it mean for Croatia and what are the potentials of domestic tourism, whether the crisis creates an opportunity for year-round tourism and activation of less popular destinations, creative development of new products and local content.

  • Ivana Kolar, Conference Director, Julius Rose
  • Ivana Budin Arhanić, Vice-President, Valamar Riviera
  • Siniša Topalović, Director & Partner, Horwath HTL Croatia
  • Jan de Jong, Managing Partner, Webpower Adria
  • Christopher Hinteregger, Managing Director, PKF tourismexperts (Austria)
International Tourism Fair PLACE2GO

Topics: how to travel after the corona, how to choose destinations, what to look for and what to avoid, will travel become a luxury and what will be the trends, well-known travel writers and influencers talk about these and other current topics related to travel.

  • Damjana Domanovac, Fair Director
  • Vlado Šestan, Founder
  • Ivan Bengeri, Traveller and travel writer,
  • Iva i Branko, Founders of
HTI Health Tourism Industry Conference

Topics: prevention and digitalization to a super-smart society, social distancing and new trends in health tourism, what to offer and how to address the market

  • Leila Krešić-Jurić, Conference Director

  • dr. Meri Bura, Director, Mulier Holistic Center

  • dr. Sherif Hassan, CEO, TripSetc Travel Company / Innovation (USA)

  • Christian Fadi El-Khouri, Managing Partner, MESC International Patient Service (Germany)

Taste the Mediterranean Festival

Topics: how will the restaurant scene change, will fine-dining survive, can food delivery replace traditional catering, and will it be economically viable

  • Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, Festival Director

  • Dubravka Tomeković Aralica, Festival Project Manager

  • Marin Rendić, Chef, Bistro Apetit Zagreb
  • Chloé i Yvan, gourmet deli shop “Za pod zub“, Stari Grad on Hvar

The organizer reserves the right to change and amend the program.


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